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Blue Dog Valentine Love

Blue Dog Valentine Love

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Make Valentine's Day extra special for your little ones with our enchanting "Blue Dog Valentine Love" collection – a children's favorite that combines playfulness and love! 🐾💙 Available in a delightful array of colors and a range of sizes from XS to 5XL, this whimsical design is offered in shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and tote bags, ensuring there's something for every child's taste.

  1. Adorable Blue Dog Design for Kids: Our "Blue Dog Valentine Love" collection features an irresistibly cute blue dog that captures the hearts of children. This sweet design brings joy and playfulness to the celebration of Valentine's Day.

  2. Vibrant Color Palette for Little Ones: Let your child's personality shine with a variety of colors to choose from. Whether they prefer classic reds, soothing blues, or playful hues, our collection allows them to express their love for Valentine's Day in their favorite color.

  3. Sizes for Every Little Valentine: Inclusivity matters, and our collection spans from XS to 5XL, ensuring a perfect fit for children of all ages. Let your little valentine wear this lovable blue dog design with comfort and joy.

  4. Playful Apparel Options: Choose the perfect style for your child from shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and tote bags. Our "Blue Dog Valentine Love" collection offers playful options, making it easy for your child to express their affection during Valentine's Day festivities.

  5. Ideal Gift for Little Dog Lovers: Searching for a heartwarming gift for the little dog lover in your life? Our collection is the perfect choice. Share the love with a piece that combines the charm of a blue dog with the excitement of Valentine's Day.

Celebrate the magic of love and play with our "Blue Dog Valentine Love" collection, designed especially for children. Choose the perfect size and let your little valentine spread joy with this adorable blue dog. Sizes are available from XS to 5XL. 🐶💙👕


Adult Crewneck: Adult Unisex Softstyle® 4.5 oz. T-Shirt Gildan G640

Adult V-Neck Shirt: Adult Softstyle® 4.5 oz. V-Neck T-Shirt Gildan G64V

Adult Long Sleeve: Adult Unisex Softstyle® 4.5 oz. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Gildan G644

Adult Sweatshirt: Adult Unisex Heavy Blend™ Adult 8 oz., 50/50 Fleece Crew Gildan G180

Adult Hooded Sweatshirt: Adult Unisex Heavy Blend™ 8 oz., 50/50 Hood Gildan G185

Youth Crewneck: Youth Unisex 5.5 oz., 50/50 T-Shirt G800B

Youth Sweatshirt: Youth Unisex Heavy Blend™ 8 oz., 50/50 Fleece Crew Gildan G180B

Youth Hooded Sweatshirt: Youth Unisex Heavy™ 8 oz., 50/50 Hood Gildan G185B

Youth Long Sleeve: Youth Unisex Heavy Cotton™ 5.3 oz. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Gildan G540B

Care information

Wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron the design.

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